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Sim Web 2.0 Company

How to Build a Web 2.0 Firm and Have It Bought By Google: Step 1: Create idea. Step 2:Step 3: Profit. I’m tellin’ ya… the formula is boilerplate! (Of course, the designer of this simulation is clearly a jaded and … Continue reading

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Sarkozy Stands Tall

I’ve said it before in 2003: While America provided the muscle, it was the United Kingdom that made the case for liberating Iraq. Now that Blair is gone, it seems as if the new articulator against terror regimes is none … Continue reading

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OT Israel: Constitutional Monarchy?

So sayeth the Acton Institute PowerBlog, and it’s an interesting argument.

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Viva la Notebook!

I have to admit, carrying the notebook to keep all things under wraps sure as heck beats some hippie, high-tech (and unbearably costly) iPod. Um… well, no it doesn’t. But the moral superiority I feel carrying my hefty tome of … Continue reading

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This… Is Popular in France

Other things that are popular in France: The Popular Front, Jerry Lewis, inductee of the French Legion of Honor (true item), Mandatory 15% tips plus an additional tip of spare change (!!!), Nuclear energy, Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, Saving … Continue reading

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UK Guardian: Moral Relativism Died with Daniel Pearl

This is an absolute, must read article (and it’s short, so it’ll keep one’s attention): I used to believe that the world essentially divided into two types of people: those who were broadly tolerant, and those who felt threatened by … Continue reading

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OTB: Dying Languages – Cause for Concern?

James Joyner argues no, but from a linguistics perspective (or a philosopher’s perspective in the tradition of Wittgenstein) the loss of a language is a tremendous blow, because it is the loss of a perspective. Read the article . It’s … Continue reading

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Barticles: On Woodpiles

Sadly, after many summer bonfires I have done none of this. Which means I will probably have to buy (eek) a cord or two of good seasoned oak to run the woodstove this year. Still, knowing that my friendly neighbor … Continue reading


Acton: C.S. Lewis on Moral Tyrrany

Better known as what happens when government tells you what’s best for you: Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons … Continue reading

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Bridges In Massachusetts Have A Fever… And Do You Know What The Prescription Is?

Yes. More cowbell. (h/t to

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