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How George Soros Bought Tom Perriello

I’ll have to admit — I was a bit intrigued by Tom Perriello’s candidacy in the 5th District.  As a fellow Catholic, I assumed that Perriello was a “stealth pro-lifer” running under the Democratic Party’s radar.  After all, as a … Continue reading


Reagan: A Time For Choosing

net 2 0 the divx online grizzly park divx Take your lunch break today and watch this (28 min): Reagan was right then. Reagan is right now.

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Comparing the McCain and Obama Tax Plans

…or another reason why math trumps politics: Let me try to put each tax plan into a single number. Let’s suppose Greg Mankiw takes on an incremental job today and earns a dollar. How much, as a result, will he … Continue reading

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No Thanks, eBook

I saw one of these up close and personal at the local bookstore the other day.  It’s the Sony Reader, a portable eBook that allows you to carry virtually hundreds of books on a tablet that carries a two week … Continue reading

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How the Plumber Saved Civilization

No seriously… read the book! (h/t to Jason Kenney, who always forwards me cool stuff)

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Undecided? Take 20 minutes…

…because this will be the best spent 20 minutes of your life.  Ten minutes with McCain and Obama at the Al Smith Dinner in New York.  No press, no handlers, and a relaxed format where you get to see the … Continue reading

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