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FIRST THINGS:The Hrant Dink Murder and Its Meaning

Great article to read during your lunch hour regarding an Armenian journalist in Turkey having been shot and killed in cold blood. It’s amazing we don’t read about these items in the news more often. Rays of hope such as … Continue reading

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novatownhall gets banned by Vivian Paige. The offense? Using the term “Democrat Party”… I have never understood why this is such an issue amongst Democrats. Possible conventions of grammar aside (a Democrat Party isn’t bad grammar, just mislabeling the party), … Continue reading


Ante Studium

Today is the Feast Day of St. Thomas Aquinas. At Catholic University, they used to cancel noon classes so the student body could attend Mass. Below is a copy of one of my favorite prayers, authored by St. Thomas Aquinas … Continue reading

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Southwest by Southeast: Virginia Blog Carnival

The longest and most comprehensive Virginia Blog Carnival in the history of the VBC. Excellent job, SWxSE!

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Why U.S. automakers like GM and Ford are losing money

The answer? Big labor: A big reason is the cost of labor. As analyzed by Harbour-Felax, labor costs the Detroit Three substantially more per vehicle than it does the Japanese. Health care is the biggest chunk. GM (Charts), for instance … Continue reading


SkepticalObservor: Your Hypocrisy Is Showing

James Young runs down the latest WaPo editorial criticizing the use of Barak Hussein Obama: Courtesy of Charles at TwoConservatives, I was reminded today’s WaPo editorial, denouncing those who take note of Senator Barack Obama’s middle name (‘Hussein’). I guess … Continue reading


UK Guardian: Socialism is dead. There now remain only socialists

Yes, I read the Guardian… but because there are times you get great articles such as this: If leftwing Britons of 2007 saw themselves more clearly than they do, they would notice two big things. First, they would see what … Continue reading


Burning Things

In the never-ending battle against the yard, Matthew and Jonathan helped me destroy much debris on the palatial Kenney estate on a beautiful Saturday. For those of you who have visited us out here at Kent’s Store, you know the … Continue reading


Gratuitously Stolen from Vivian Paige

I give you this poll concerning who reads blogs. Surprising findings: * Most readers are 31-60.* College educated or better.* Make $60K to $90K a year.* Overwhelmingly Democrat.* Are just as likely to buy music and books as they are … Continue reading


Optimus iPrime

That’s right folks… for $145 you too can own the iTransformer .

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