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NOVA Town Hall: An Inconvenient Debt

Watch this. It takes time for it to get going, but Glenn Beck gets into some scary stuff. (h/t to novatownhall blog ).

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Simulations and the Dismal Science

I am lazy-man’s amateur when it comes to economics. ┬áBut I am a huge fan of simulations, from the old Avalon Hill/SPI wargames all the way to Civilization IV and the way economics plays an impact on otherwise static engagements. … Continue reading


Seth’s Blog: Take the ball and go home (crybaby)

Someone making you feel uncomfortable? ┬áSeth Godin says go cry in the corner: A bully is someone who uses physical or psychological force to demean and demoralize someone else. A bully isn’t challenging your ideas, or working with you to … Continue reading

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The Hysterical Style and the Credit Glut

Victor Davis Hanson over at NRO’s Corner blasts the baby boomer generation for their leadership during the current economic situation: If anyone wished to know what the baby-boomer generation would do when, in its full maturity, it hit its first … Continue reading

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On the Western Banks of the Shenandoah

Craig Orndorff blogging from up in Shenandoah County. I am highly pleased (and not altogether surprised) at the quality of blogging talent on the right in Virginia.

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The Hall of Justice

New Virginia blog over at The Hall of Justice , headed up by Staunton GOP member Carl Tate. Give it a read. Carl has a promising career in politics ahead of him.

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QandO: The “Era of Maturity?”

McQ over at Q and O offers the following” Steve Benen at Political Animal quotes Adam Serwer’s take on the Obama inaugural speech, and is sure an “era of maturity” has been ushered in today. But some of us really … Continue reading

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Rekjavik on Thames

The UK Telegraph’s hopes for PM Brown are dim indeed, and the solution isn’t much better : The PM and the Chancellor , both looking a year older every day, tell us that for their next trick they will buy … Continue reading

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Isophorone: How Hamas Fights

fighting with anger movie (h/t to Ron @ Isophorone download x files i want to believe the free )


The British Want Their Guns Back

“Freedom is only for those who have the guts to defend it.” Attributed to one Jeff Cooper Pericles (and not the Pericles of Greek mythology) of whom I have never heard previously. Not sure if I agree with the philosophy… … Continue reading