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The temperature this morning in Kents Store, Virginia… download andromeda strain the free

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Lee-Jackson-Longstreet Day? Of course not… (and here is why)

I’ve offered my thoughts on previous occasions as to why Lee-Jackson Day should graciously end, and this year the movement to replace it with a “Virginia Heritage Day” was kicked off over at Bearing Drift by Jim Hoeft and others. … Continue reading


Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

Sad news this morning as First Things founder Fr. Richard John Neuhaus passed away this morning . Editor Joseph Bottom conveys his early thoughts: My tears are not for him—for he knew, all his life, that his Redeemer lives, and … Continue reading

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WSJ: Argentina Short on Change

Argentina is struggling with a crisis of it’s own — no spare change : Why the shortage? Argentina’s central bank blames it on “speculators,” meaning everyone from ordinary citizens, who stockpile coins, to Maco, the private cash-transport company (think of … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Post: Into Gaza

The Jerusalem Post highlights the Israeli government’s incursion into the Gaza strip, most notably reflecting on the lengthy amount of time Olmert took to make the call to invade and Barak’s measured expectations: And after eight years in which the … Continue reading

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Wilder Visions

Another former governor blogs… this time former Governor Doug Wilder over at Wilder Visions . OUTSTANDING! Welcome to the blogosphere, Governor!

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TNR: The Solution for All Problems Facing the Right…

Patrick Ruffini has the solution for what ails the party. Guess what? They’re all logistics, folks: Face it, Barack Obama’s web team did not beat John McCain. John McCain (and the GOP baggage he carried) beat John McCain. If McCain … Continue reading

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