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Perriello Will Vote Against Senate Health Care

You gotta hand it to Rep. Tom Perriello — he’s holding firm on no federal funding for abortion in health care. While I certainly don’t believe this is enough (as a Catholic he should be much more pro-active in defending … Continue reading


This Isn’t Even Classy… But Effective?

One has to admire certain British MEPs for their candor.  In this instance, I’m pretty certain Farage missed wildly… So what was the point of this exercise?  Certainly no one would talk to the British Prime Minister or the President … Continue reading

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Rick Santelli and the “Rant of the Year”

February 19th, 2009 — the day Rick Santelli kicked off the movement: This moment really took off when Santelli turned away from the camera and towards the traders (get to 1:00 for the real McCoy).  Give props to the traders … Continue reading

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Brief Notes on the HRCC Conference Call

Just finished a conference call with the HRCC regarding their FY 2011 budget proposals.  Lots of good news in here, mostly regarding the fact that the Senate version of the bill is structurally close to the House version.  McDonnell’s “secret … Continue reading


Social Media as Slacktivism

So after the Bearing Drift presented some Technorati numbers, followed by the leftosphere’s howls and Virginia Virtucon’s touche on the matter, I did myself the benefit of actually looking at my Google Analytics numbers… …and discovered that they were disabled after the … Continue reading


Sonic Boom Shock Wave

This is an Atlas V rocket on 11 February breaking through the sound barrier (fast forward to 1:40 if you’re a boring person): What you’re seeing is a sonic boom rippling the water vapor in the atmosphere.  The cool factor … Continue reading


Virginia Tomorrow: The Cuccinelli Doctrine

If one regards the rule of law as critically important to the American experiment, there’s a showdown brewing in Richmond between the rule of law and the interpretation of those rules. Dr. Holsworth over at Virginia Tomorrow calls the new … Continue reading

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The NRSC hits this one out of the park: That’s just well done.

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New Dominion Project Folds

Kenton Ngo over at NDP is throwing in the towel, one of the many blogs that spun off of the old Raising Kaine blog: I’ve been at this for a few years now, which makes me a veteran in the … Continue reading

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Thawing Out

This is about how it was at church today, without the Russians: Good news is that tomorrow will be 41deg and (mostly) rain.  Enough snow already!

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