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Bearing Drift: McDonnell Kick-Off

.!.       A two-fer! Not only do you get highlights the McDonnell and Bolling kick-off in Hampton Roads, Bearing Drift has the audio!

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Blogs United 2009

.!. .!. .!. It’s coming. Jim Hoeft over at Bearing Drift is working on the details. australia divx download paul blart mall cop download

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2009 Should Be More Like 1984

.!. .!. I saw this link followed by the back and forth between the bloggers/reporters on NRO Online.   The basis of the day long argument survey from August 1984 of books every high school graduate should read before moving … Continue reading


Shannon vs. Cuccinelli: IT’S ON!

Virginia Democrats have no illusions as to whom the real threat to their hegemony in Richmond is, as liberal Democrat Steve Shannon takes aim at State Senator Ken Cuccinelli . Bearing Drift astutely points out: All in all, the evidence … Continue reading


Holy Saturday and the Miracle of Holy Fire

Holy Saturday typically has all the pinnings of anticipation for Easter Sunday, but for the Eastern Orthodox there is a tradition which goes back to at least the 9th Century and perhaps further — The Miracle of Holy Fire: The … Continue reading


Your Five HOURS of Civilization!

.!. For $7.99, you too can purchase the status of “cultured individual” by downloading 99 of the best pieces of classical music download little manhattan chris norman rock away your teardrops download mp3 … well, according to Amazon that is. … Continue reading

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New Scientist: Why People Give

This is just absolutely fascinating: They made three discoveries: hungry volunteers were less likely to donate to charity than those who were satiated; those primed to have a high desire for money, by having imagined winning a big lottery, went … Continue reading

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St. Peter in Gallicantu

.!. Most everyone is familiar with the events of Holy Thursday.  Christ offers the Last Supper, and Judas slinks away to play his part in the Passion.  Eventually at Gethsemane, so tested and so worried is Jesus that He literally … Continue reading


Having Kittens?

.!. It would appear as if Belle — one of our cats at palatial Kenney Manor — looks as if her stomach shrank three sizes today.  Of course, that means there has been a furious cleaning of the garage to … Continue reading

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.!. Before we get into things, I want to give you the problem at RPV in microcosm. A friend passes along this: What’s the problem? RPV is prevented by its State Party Plan from materially benefiting one candidate over another … Continue reading