Shannon vs. Cuccinelli: IT’S ON!

Virginia Democrats have no illusions as to whom the real threat to their hegemony in Richmond is, as liberal Democrat Steve Shannon takes aim at State Senator Ken Cuccinelli .

Bearing Drift astutely points out:

All in all, the evidence points to Democrats making a concerted effort to pin this on McDonnell and House Republicans. Only the Democratic candidate for AG, Shannon, found it helpful to mention Cuccinelli — that has to mean something.

Could this be the endorsement Cuccinelli has been waiting for?

No doubt the Democrats are starting to feel the heat between the sagging popularity of Barack Obama and the absolutely terrible numbers showing all of the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominees polling with negatives in the mid-30s or higher.

Ironically, these numbers indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull free download come on the heels of all sorts of threats concerning the “grassroots” participation within the conservative movement — including the ouster of Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman and a very vocal Frederick condemning McDonnell on the airways.

The effect? 58/16 favorable-unfavorable opinion rating for McDonnell.

So now the battle lines are drawn. McDonnell has double-digit leads over all his Democratic opposition, Bolling benefited from much of Muldoon’s campaign going dark during l’affaire Frederick, and the guns are swinging against Cuccinelli as the other A.G. primary candidates flounder.

Of course, there’s plenty of ground to cover between today and November, and in this red state holding it’s breath for leadership, it’s easy to turn blue…

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