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Your Ten Minutes of Civilization

Chopin’s Four Mazukas, and probably my favorite piano concerto (if it can be called that).  Just click on it and let it go in the background for awhile as you surf/work/blog.

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St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More, patron saint of statesmen and politicians.  His feast day is today, 22 June 2009.

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AIAW: Republican Blogger LIES Insult Law Enforcement Community (OMG!!!)

Surpise surprise… yet another leftist blogger is outraged — yes, OUTRAGED! — that public opinion has a problem with bringing terrorists to Virginia. *sigh* Maybe it was how close the vote was?  Passing 213-212, several Democratic representatives could have tipped … Continue reading


Shop Class as Soulcraft

Just this weekend, Sarah (the youngest Kenney) chose to figure out how the DVD player in my office works. She chose option 23: Opening the disc tray and leaning on it. This successfully knocked it off track, and while I … Continue reading


“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”

Today is the 22nd anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s epic speech in front of the Berlin Wall. first sunday download free Hard to believe there is an entire generation of Americans (not too much younger than myself) with barely any … Continue reading

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McDonnell on the Democratic Primary

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Could Deeds Pull This Off?

Here it comes… and don’t just believe me.  Believe the bookies.  Deeds is pulling this off at the last minute, thus depriving Virginia Republicans of a much desired McAuliffe candidacy or a pushover Brian (brother of Jim) Moran effort. Why do … Continue reading


Maddow: Prolonged Detention, President Obama?

I don’t often agree with Rachel Maddow, but there’s no question regarding her intellect. She is probably the most intelligent talking head on television today.  Though I do disagree with her often, the clips and thoughts I do see have … Continue reading

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Conan O’Brien Talks Twitter

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EXCLUSIVE: Cuccinelli Numbers from RPV Convention

EDIT:  Apparently this was not an exclusive… someone leaked the offical RPV numbers to McAuliffe supporter Ben Tribbett before the Virginia rightosphere received them.  Congratulations to Ben for the scoop. There has been a lot of back-and-forth on the RPV … Continue reading