EXCLUSIVE: Cuccinelli Numbers from RPV Convention

EDIT:  Apparently this was not an exclusive… someone leaked the offical RPV numbers to McAuliffe supporter Ben Tribbett before the Virginia rightosphere received them.  Congratulations to Ben for the scoop.

There has been a lot of back-and-forth on the RPV State Convention Results.  And although preliminary numbers show Bolling with an 86% win (the highest in Virginia history) and Mullins with 76%, there has been a great deal of last-minute misinformation.  

EDIT x2:

 WaPo’s Anita Kumar reports 84% for Bolling and 70% for Mullins.

For instance, Brownlee’s swan song offered the following:

Well, the Convention is over, the votes have been counted, and we came up a little short. Although the actual result will not be officially released (Dave Foster and I asked that Ken Cuccinelli’s nomination be made unanimous), we understand our campaign mustered approximately 42% of the vote in the 3-way race. For that, I greatly appreciate all who attended and supported our campaign.

42%?  Really?

A face saving 42% isn’t so bad… until you get the real numbers.  

According to soon-to-be-released numbers, Brownlee’s campaign for Attorney General barely cleared one-third of the convention attendees — Brownlee received a paltry 37%.  

Ken Cuccinelli’s performance had been judged by most outsiders before the convention to be a razor-thin chance at surviving the Brownlee-Foster pincer movement.  If one only listened to the critics, Cuccinelli was on the verge of being swallowed up by a one-two punch.

The real numbers?  According to well-placed sources, Ken Cuccinelli delivered a resounding 57% of the convention delegate votes — a 20 point drubbing for Mr. Brownlee that left no doubt as to who the grassroots selected to carry the battle standard for the Republican Party’s AG nod.

The final delegate breakdown, with percentages:

1st: B 337.85
C: 744.03
F: 33.12

2nd: B 321
C: 515
F: 90


B: 132.84
C: 152.24
F: 33.92

4th: B: 422.54
C: 332.5
F: 24.84

5th: B: 524.34
C: 555.49
F: 38.17

6th: B: 416.05
C: 612.91
F: 53

7th: B: 386.3
C: 1,042.6
F: 106.1

8th: B: 63.55
C: 103.66
F: 131.79

9th: B: 594.41
C: 339.12
F: 9.46

10th: B: 258.66
C: 483.27
F: 16.07

11th: B: 404.19
C: 1,098.74
F: 143.06

Total Delegate Votes: 10,522
Total Cuccinelli: 5,979.56 or 57%
Total Brownlee: 3,861.73 or 37%
Total Foster: 679.53 or 6%

In the final analysis, in all three contested races, Bolling, Cuccinelli, and Mullins left no doubt.  Congratulations to all, and congratulations to Pat Muldoon, John Brownlee, Dave Foster, and Bill Stanley for running excellent campaigns.

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