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What are you giving up for Lent?

Yes, today is Mardi Gras. But tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, where guys like me go around all day with dirt on our foreheads. What am I giving up for Lent? Soft drinks. All of ’em. What am I doing to … Continue reading


Jaquith: Five expressions you must abandon immediately.

1. GUI interfaces.2. Microsoft Works.3. The use of the word “like”.4. The abuse of the word “that”.5. Whatever (much akin to it’s brother “whatevah”). From TC’s most overrated blogger


Bush on the Blogosphere: "It’s Crazy Delicious"

And our defining moment? Memogate: Memogate has helped accelerate the decline of the mainstream media, generally defined as CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times and other establishment news outlets. “I think what’s healthy is that there’s no monopoly on … Continue reading

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Pay at the pump

Pump your gas, go inside grab a coke, and pay. That used to be the way it was in Virginia anyhow. Sure you’d find the occasional bad spot of town that would force you to pre-pay your gas, but by … Continue reading


Has Blogging Jumped the Shark?

The Wall Street Journal says yes — and no: Reports of blogging’s demise are bosh, but if we’re lucky, something else really is going away: the by-turns overheated and uninformed obsession with blogging. Which would be just fine, because it … Continue reading


Battle smoke, stalemate on spending

I don’t read the Daily Progress much, mostly because it has the reputation of being one of the most liberal publications in Virginia. Still, when they do have a good article come to the fore, it deserves some notice. Bob … Continue reading

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CNA: Cardinal Kung Foundation Calls For Cancelling of 2008 Beijing Olympiad; Return of Priests

Two Catholic priests were once again arrested by Communist Chinese officials: With the arrest of two more priests in China this month, the Cardinal Kung Foundation is calling on the Olympic Committee to consider canceling the next summer Olympic Games, … Continue reading


So what’s up with the red box in the corner, Shaun?

They’re supposed to be links! Long time visitors will remember that I had many if not all of my college papers, op-eds, and all unpublished essays on the website. Not only that, but there were Catholic links and other such … Continue reading


FLS: Tyreek Davis’ searchers suffered stress, deserve praise

I love letters that offer perspective. So for all of the scorn heaped upon Spotsylvania deputies as a whole for the actions of a few, it’s nice to see that generalizations rarely if ever fit.

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Olympics over

I couldn’t have been the only person stateside to not have watched the Olympics. For one reason or another, I just didn’t tune in. No real reason why, but I just didn’t care this time around.