CNA: Cardinal Kung Foundation Calls For Cancelling of 2008 Beijing Olympiad; Return of Priests

Two Catholic priests were once again arrested by Communist Chinese officials:

With the arrest of two more priests in China this month, the Cardinal Kung Foundation is calling on the Olympic Committee to consider canceling the next summer Olympic Games, which are scheduled to take place in China, in 2008.

Chinese security officials arrested Fr. Lu Genjun and Fr. Guo Yanli of the diocese of Baoding in Hebei Feb.17, while the two priests waited for a friend at the Baoding train station, reported the Cardinal Kung Foundation.

Fr. Guo, 39, was sent to Xushui County detention center; Fr. Lu, 44, was sent to an undisclosed location. The Kung Foundation said it does not know why the two priests were arrested.

Kung recommended that the Olympic Committee should “take note of these arrests and decide whether or not China’s continuous persecutions of innocent religious believers is in conformity with the spirit of the Olympic Games.”

He said the Olympic Committee should “consider canceling the games in China in 2008 in order to preserve its good name and spirit” of the Olympics.

I agree. So long as Communist China continues to imprison Catholic priests and attack religious freedom, why should the world allow China to participate in the Olympic Games?

By refusing to act, we only condone and pass silently over these abuses.

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