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Egos and Bloggers

Be forewarned. A group of bloggers in Ohio wanted, nay demanded seats at a fundraiser featuring Senator Obama. Now there are volunteers who cannot attend such events based on cost, and are denied entry. Yet the Ohio blogs made their … Continue reading



I picked up this film when I was in Washington last week (at the National Shrine at Catholic University), some for private reasons, and some because it’s a great story. Blessed Father Damien volunteered to minister to the leper colony … Continue reading


The Mason Conservative: Steel Cage Match

The Mason Conservative concludes that Miller is not only the stronger Democratic candidate against Allen, but that he will win the primary as well.


Heh heh heh…

You gotta love vindication, especially when it comes from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. A few insights in the article, namely that (a) bloggers supportive of Webb are hurting his chances, (b) Miller is the stronger candidate, and (c) even Democrats are … Continue reading


CatHouse Chat: Memorial Day, 2006

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend and thanking those who made it possible. My brother specifically charged his classes with “thanking a veteran” for their homework over the weekend after the vast majority of his students could not … Continue reading

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Too Conservative: 57-43 Miller

Vince over at Too Conservative is predicting a Harris Miller victory over James Webb, 57-43. I’m starting to hear rumors as well that Miller is doing much better than expected. Yes, I’ve been beating the drum that Miller is the … Continue reading


NLS: Weenie of the Week!

The comment that started it all: There might be nothing more uncomfortable than a candidate whose analogies don’t come from personal experience. Harris Miller is Jewish and doesn’t go to church! The tailspin finally hits with a dramatic thud. Not … Continue reading


Pope Benedict XVI at Birkenau

AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPH!!! These are the small miracles, folks.

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FLS: Bacon’s Rebellion has it right

What good online journalism creates and deserves: The rhetoric is already flying, as are the stats and studies. One problem with social-science research is that it’s hard for the layperson to distinguish valid from invalid studies, so sorting out the … Continue reading

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Poland digs in against tide toward secularism

Pope Benedict XVI is wrapping up his visit to Poland this week. Many observers are remarking Poland’s Catholic identity, and how it’s playing not only in public life there but at the European Union as well: It was the late … Continue reading

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