Too Conservative: 57-43 Miller

Vince over at Too Conservative is predicting a Harris Miller victory over James Webb, 57-43.

I’m starting to hear rumors as well that Miller is doing much better than expected.

Yes, I’ve been beating the drum that Miller is the one to watch, but not because I’m rooting for him. Miller can self-finance in a national climate that sees DNC money going to races they can win (Pennsylvania for instance, where Rick Santorum is in deep trouble).

Webb cannot, and while he may make a great candidate and I expect to see him around again, he will not get the kind of money necessary to make him a viable candidate against Senator Allen.

My prediction? 55-45 Miller, unless a “Republicans for Webb” effort gets off the ground as payback for open primaries to elect the weaker of the two (and to date, it doesn’t exist).

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