FLS: Bacon’s Rebellion has it right

What good online journalism creates and deserves:

The rhetoric is already flying, as are the stats and studies. One problem with social-science research is that it’s hard for the layperson to distinguish valid from invalid studies, so sorting out the truth is tough. For example, as Chris Braunlich points out on the Bacon’s Rebellion Web site, one study cited by Mr. Kaine–a ‘highly regarded Michigan study’ that showed ‘positive effects [of preschool] on adult crime, earnings, wealth, welfare dependence, and commitment to marriage’–looked at a grand total of 123 kids identified as likely candidates for ‘retarded intellectual functioning and eventual school failure.’ This is hardly a broad enough sample on which to base a statewide program for mainstream children.

Kudos to Jim Bacon and the rest of the fellas at Bacon’s Rebellion. Keep up the great work.

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