Having Kittens?


It would appear as if Belle — one of our cats at palatial Kenney Manor — looks as if her stomach shrank three sizes today.  Of course, that means there has been a furious cleaning of the garage to find out where those kittens might be.

As the grandmother cat, Radar has been prowling and cleaning… and poor Belle looks worn out.  Still, dunno where these kittens are.

Last year, Radar gave birth to two cats:  Belle and Spike, a calico male cat that was just the neatest little cat you’d ever want to see.  Unfortunately, the poor guy broke his leg in a fight with something much larger than he was able to handle.  

No vet would even see the poor guy for less than $600 consultation… so the Fluvanna SPCA graciously checked him in.  They have a very neat website where you can view the adoptions… and the kids swear they’ve seen Spike.  So that’ll work.

Depending on the size of this litter, this will naturally mean a spay-and-neuter program for the whole lot.  Two cats is managable, the “Crazy Cat Man of Kent’s Store” isn’t exactly a title I want to hold.

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