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BlogNetNews – Virginia is getting a facelift of sorts. The one thing you have to give this project credit for is that it’s not just an aggregator. It really is an excellent gauge of who is being read and who … Continue reading

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Saudi Sabre-Rattling?

So it seems… “If the peace option fails because of Israeli arrogance, there will be no other option but war,” Saudi state television quoted the king as saying in an official statement. “No one can predict what will happen if … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI and Freedom

From the Acton Institute: Classical liberal and “moderate” intellectuals were concerned that after the forceful defense of objective truth in Veritatis Splendor, the Church would to revert to imposing this truth by promoting coercive legislation. Yet this wasn’t the case. … Continue reading

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The Last Samurai

I finally watched this movie the other day. Tom Cruise was adequate, but Ken Watanabe was excellent. Ken Watanabe recently played Raz Al Ghul (or rather, the double of the real Raz Al Ghul) in Batman Begins. The IMDB has … Continue reading

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Did Shaun Bail on the Weekend w/o Echoes?

Nah, just been working on two things consecutively and didn’t want to disappoint. A post. Later this evening (which will be early morning).

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Weekend Without Echoes

I’ll begin with a surprise for my friend Vivian Paige: I finished reading Conservatives Without a Conscience and have a forthcoming review…


Castro Lives!

Ah well… guess we’ll still have to wait for the liberation of Cuba.



Courtesy of Matt Lewis: The conscience of the Conservative is pricked by anyone who would debase the dignity of the individual human being. Today, therefore, he is at odds with dictators who rule by terror, and equally with those gentler … Continue reading


Lebanese Army may join forces with Hizbullah

This from the Jerusalem Post. Kinda blows the entire “poor Lebanon” argument out of the water, eh? What am I worrying about? Maronite Christians caught in the crossfire. Ever since the SLA disbanded, they are almost entirely dependent on the … Continue reading


I’m a Dad (again)!!!

Missy gave me the good news yesterday. Sonogram will be next Wednesday, so we’ll get to see how things are with the little one. Jonathan, Matthew, and Caroline are all estatic. But then again, they always are. 🙂