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Roll up this laptop!

There’s a million applications for this.

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More Objectivity from Slate

The George Allen Insult Generator. I kid you not. Go here and be offended (in more ways than one).

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Commonwealth Conservative: "A smear campaign”

Chad over at Commonwealth Conservative takes a swipe at the Webb campaign on the character meme: (N)ote that every one of these accusers tell stories that are unverifiable. Not a single one can be corroborated and, in fact, none of … Continue reading

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How’s About That Economy?

I’m just curious… how come the Dems aren’t talking about the stock market? Falling gas prices? Renewed consumer confidence? Unemployment figures? Record GDP levels? Just curious.

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Democrats vs. Susan Allen?

My wife in particular spent the better part of two years putting me through the wringer before marrying me. Most married gentlemen will agree: their wives know them best. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Allen’s parents some months … Continue reading


Get paid to test Google products

This has a factor of cool of at least 10.

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Virginia Catholic Conference on the Marriage Amendment

Virginia’s Catholic Bishops (DiLorenzo and Loverde) have issued their position on the Marshall-Neuman Amendment. You can read it here (PDF version). I’d encourage both proponents and opponents of the amendment to read the PDF in its entirety, as it goes … Continue reading


Reason & Revelation: Does Protestantism = Islam?

Pseudonymous poster The Friar comments on Jonah Goldberg’s USA Today column comparing the fall of the Islamic caliphate to the Protestant Reformation. It’s an interesting comparison, as R&R quotes from the Goldberg piece: What might be called the Muslim Protestant … Continue reading

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U.S. relaxes in-flight liquids ban

Good news for mommies with babies making long trips from Denver to Richmond. 🙂

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VJP: On Barry Goldwater

Everyone is talking about it, and I seem to be the only human being left on earth who hasn’t seen the HBO documentary on Barry Goldwater. Of course, the rare moment when you can get an opinion on the documentary … Continue reading

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