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Statement from Rev. Gary Ham

annotated bibliography online source arizona accutane center birth injury legal pfizer pink viagra pills source site guaranteed cheapest viagra here math practice problems follow site otago thesis guidelines dosage requirements of plavix emetine and protein essay go site follow url top biography writer service for masters cialis once a day commenti help writing my appraisal click here click cialis hwdp chomikuj gry definition essay betrayal apa format sample paper university of phoenix thesis statement biography argumentative techniques essay symptoms of too much cialis enter hong kong university theses source link This should put things to bed nicely. Am I the only one who finds the hack-job being performed by the Webb campaign old? Statement from Rev. Gary Ham, defensive corner on the University of Virginia football team 1969 thru 1973. … Continue reading


A Modest Proposal: Voluntary Taxation

By now, I’m sure most folks have heard of Bill Cosby’s call to arms for each American to donate US$8.00 to the National Slavery Museum in Fredericksburg: To get things rolling, Cosby asked each American to donate $8. Cosby has … Continue reading


OBL not dead…

… just suffering a very slow and painful death after drinking contaminated water. Was it Lenin who apologized to the tables and chairs in the room shortly before his agonizing end?

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QandO: Osama may be Tango Uniform?

McQ over at QandO speculates on Osama’s yet-again rumored demise: You’d think someone like Osama would be immunized against that (however as I read it, the vaccine only has a 50-75% protective rate, so he might have fallen outside the … Continue reading

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Richmond War Room: Pigskin time

…or a great football post where you can read West Virginia be refered to as “Occupied Virginia.” Heh.

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China, Christianity, and the Rule of Law

Another interesting post from the Acton Institue, this time concerning religious freedom in Communist China: In “Would a religion law help promote religious freedom?” Magda Hornemann writes, “For many years, some religious believers and experts both inside and outside China … Continue reading


Proportionalism vs. Catholicism

Proportionalism and Catholicism are natural enemies? In the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council, the idea of proportionalism made a resurgence (particularly among Catholics in the United States). While sustaining a whithering attack from both Catholic academics and from Pope … Continue reading


Ben Tribbett vs. the World

Democratic infighting over at Not Larry Sabato, which begs the question as to whether or not the liberal wing is really going to let the progressives railroad Virginia Democrats after all. Lots of colorful commentary in the opening salvo. You … Continue reading


Webb owning up to Miller flier?

According to Mr. Riley, that is precisely the case. If so, I applaud him for doing so and would hope he would apologize in turn. As I’ve long suspected, I believe Secretary Webb to be a better man than his … Continue reading

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The Mason Conservative: The Tragedy of John Tyler

Yet another book I am going to have to buy. And to think that the price of just this one book is the same cost of a month’s worth of mind-numbing cable. It pays to be smart. And costs.

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