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Waldo Jaquith: FBI says “It’s a Wonderful Life” is for commies.

Via Waldo Jaquith, the curtain is pulled back and the truth is known. A FBI memo in 1947 cited It’s a Wonderful Life as communist propoganda because of its similarities to a 1932 Soviet flick entitled “The Letter”, as well … Continue reading


For Those Who Have Forgotten…

Ayman al-Zawahiri repeats that there can be no Islamic state without the shari’ah, that he will continue terror attacks against the West, and “as you bomb, you will be bombed, and as you kill, you will be killed.” He also … Continue reading

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Jaded JD: Merry Christmas

Jaded JD reveals their true identities. download around the world in 80 days online

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Leaders (so far) on the 2008 Presidential Poll

That feisty little poll to the right has some results: 7th Place (tied): Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter6th Place: Tailspinning from Allen’s loss… 5th Place: John McCain4th Place (tied): Sam Brownback and Rudy Giuliani2nd Place: Newt Gingrich …and your first … Continue reading


Al-Qaeda Sends Message to Democrats

Ayman al Zawahri reminds Democrats that it was al-Qaeda inflicting pain on American soldiers in Iraq that won the election, and that if the Democrats do not start negotiating with al-Qaeda and abandon Israel, the same fate awaits them. Nice.

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Progressives Issue Fatwa Against Republitarian!!!

How embarassing. So much for tolerance on the left.


Bearing Drift Podcast: Major announcments

A new blogger joins Bearing Drift, and Jim comes along with big news — Blogs United 2007 will be hosted in Virginia Beach this year in conjunction with the Jamestown Quadrennial. Issues also talked on the podcast include Phil Kellam’s … Continue reading


Right-Wing Liberal

D.J. McGuire (a long time poster here) has decided to toss his hat into the ODBA circle and join the fray at Right-Wing Liberal starting out in the evening dvd . Gotta love the Chambers quote he has posted. Heh.

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2008 GOP Presidential Nominee Poll!

Here we go! Go ahead and vote for your favorite GOP presidential candidate of the moment. One IP address, one computer, one vote (and no paper trail). Be sure to get the word out if you want to really see … Continue reading


Acton: John Cornwell, Call Your Office!

Jennifer Morse over at Acton asks that all too important question: In light of Iran’s Holocaust Denial conference, you’d think we would hear something from some of the authors who have made a name for themselves attacking the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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