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Bloggers Now Must Disclose Sponsored Posts

You can bet this has consequences for those who pay to blog for political candidates.

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Trump: I Look Forward To Taking Lots of Money From My Fat Little Rosie

God has a sense of humor and justice.

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Scam Using Capital One?

Just received a phone call using an IVR: This is a phone call from the Capital One Fraud Department. If this is Melissa Kenney, please press 1. No option for an operator. So I go ahead and press 1. Thank … Continue reading

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This Pope Rocks

Pope Benedict XVI lays the smackdown on secularism at Christmas: Pope Benedict XVI urged Christians on Wednesday to defend the spirit of Christmas against secular trends during his last general audience before the holiday. He wished the several thousand pilgrims … Continue reading


Bush: Minimum Wage Plus Tax Relief

I’m a bit of a dichotomy on this. I wholeheartedly support a living wage. As an employer, it is my responsibility to pay people enough to live, and not the price I can take advantage of their labor. This having … Continue reading


Gilmore for President? Believe it.

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is forming an exploratory committee for a 2008 presidential run. Among other accomplishments, Gilmore is a former RNC chairman and former Attorney General of Virginia. Gilmore is more famously known (or infamously known in Democratic … Continue reading


Kaine Scuttles Compromise; Prepares for Fistfight w/ GOP

First here, then confirmed here, it seems as if Governor Kaine is getting ready to go to war against Republicans. Tsk, tsk. What is it with Democrats and background checks, anyhow?


Zucker TV, the ISG, and Peace In Our Time!

Thanks Jim!

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How do you fix the LP? Get rid of the libertines!

McQ over at QandO laments over the ineffectiveness of the Libertarian Party: You may remember the blogger who likened libertarian philosophy to that which would a appeal to a 13 year old ? It is the LP/C-SPAN circus and the … Continue reading


Reader comments in jeopardy

One MSM outlet’s experiment with comments sections gone horribly wrong. Unfortunately you get two options — Wild West, or heavy moderation. Inbetween, comments sections that are self moderated work best (i.e. moderated by the community, with admins giving certain prominent … Continue reading

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