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Thawing Out

You can’t keep a good blogger down… so if it’s not about politics (or if it’s just about culture and such), expect something short and brief here. For political red meat where I get to be unleashed a bit and … Continue reading


A List Apart: The 36 Hour Work Week

St. Thomas More was the advocate of the original six-hour work day. The Jesuit Reductions seen in movies such as “The Mission” employed such a method, before they were torn apart by the colonial empires of the Portuguese and Spanish. … Continue reading

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FIRST THINGS: Mother Teresa Remembered

Fr. Benedict Groschel remembers Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Our readers may find it interesting to know that I personally observed this joyfulness the day before Mother returned to Calcutta. I was asked by her sisters to offer Mass for … Continue reading

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Bearing Drift: Flat-Earth Republicans

Jim Hoeft seems to be on a roll recently, this time taking on the “flat-earth Republicans” download birds of america free epithet.


OBL Hearts Chomsky

From a transcript acquired by ABC News: He goes on to call Noam Chomsky “among one of the most capable of those from your own side,” and mentions global warming and “the Kyoto accord.” Good God…

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Books

I read constantly, as my extensive library and Mrs. Kenney’s threats to buy Borders stock testify. As a young man, I perfected the art of “scanning” a book quickly just long enough to get the toplines… only to ignore some … Continue reading


They Call it Labor Day for a Reason…

My nephew William Arthur Kenney II — Liam for short — was born this morning at 3.30am, 7lbs. 8 oz. Welcome to the world, little one! This recaps a week of good news. Last week, my soon-to-be-godson Sebastian Alexander Hichborn … Continue reading

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Mushin Mahdi Dead at 81

Steven Lenzer over at the Weekly Standard laments not only the loss, but the total lack of attention given to liberal Islamic philosopher Mushin Mahdi’s passing. Read the article here. Though I’m not entirely familiar with his work, Mahdi is … Continue reading

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Throwing Fame to the Winds

There’s an old philosophy question: Between writing a book resolving a long debated philosophical question, or writing something you knew was wrong but would be debated for the next 100 years, which would you choose? Renaissance Ruminations briefly laments the … Continue reading