The Coming Christian Persecution?

Now this is a call to arms from the other Limbaugh. . . copied from the Drudge Report:


The new season may be only one day old but the most controversial book of the season may just be: David Limbaugh’s PERSECUTION: HOW LIBERALS ARE WAGING WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY.

Limbaugh enters a very crowded new book release week [O’Reilly, Albom], but the nationally syndicated columnist and brother of Rush has delivered a crushing blow with a charge that liberals in courts, government, media and Hollywood oppress Christianity and anything Christian.

The book ranked 3,057 on AMAZON’s hitparade Monday afternoon. Publisher REGNERY plans 100,000 copies in its initial run.

With PERSECUTION, Limbaugh ups the ante in the intensifying media/culture battle. He was warns the reader in his introduction:

“This book chronicles discrimination against Christians in American society. While tolerance is touted as the highest virtue in our popular culture, Christians are often subjected to scorn and ridicule and denied their religious freedoms.”

I’ll buy it and let you folks know what I think. I tend to agree, but sometimes the argument wears pretty thin. Developing. . .

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