Pact Signed to Revitalized Maury School

And this time its for real!

Yesterday, a further commitment to that end was made when officials from Fredericksburg, Mary Washington College and George Washington’s Fredericksburg Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding to restore the former school that closed in 1980.

Despite decades of accumulated mold and mildew, the terra-cotta brick school’s interior looks much the way it did when it was open.

Wooden basketball backboards still adorn the gymnasium, and more than 700 chairs are still eerily perched in the auditorium as though awaiting the next class assembly.

“It’s as good as it was 70 years ago,” Howson said while touring the school yesterday morning. “It was very solidly built.”

Strange to think that Maury School has been closed for almost as long as I have been alive. More action from the “Do-Nothing” Council!

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