The Red Light Into Central Park

Now this is pertinent information!

Q: Is this a legal right-turn-on-red situation? Coming from Interstate 95 onto State Route 3 west, there are two right-turn lanes to enter Central Park. I often see folks going through this traffic signal when it is a red light, but I wonder whether it is considered a “right turn” or a “straight through” situation. If it is not a legal right-turn-on-red situation, a sign should be posted.

–Tabitha Dingess, Stafford

A: Ahh, yes. The right-on-red quandary at Central Park. This has been a popular concern among local residents.

City police spokesman Jim Shelhorse has assured us that it’s perfectly OK to turn right on that red light at Route 3 west and the entrance to Central Park, and you can do so from either right-turn lane.

You have to stop first, though, to make sure no other traffic is coming through that intersection.

And yes, I do sweat about traffic issues like that!

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