Fear and Gambling

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The researchers compared the women’s responses to 12 people with undamaged brains. They noted this kind of study usually involves only a few people as it is not possible or ethical to deliberately damage a person’s brain to see what happens.

The volunteers were asked to make gambles in which there was an equal probability they would win $20 or lose $5 (a risk most people will take) — or would win or lose $20 (one most people will reject).

The two patients with damaged amygdalas fearlessly risked a $50 pot.

“We think this shows that the amygdala is critical for triggering a sense of caution toward making gambles in which you might lose,” Colin Camerera of University College London, who worked in the study, said in a statement.

The interesting part is that this totally flies in the face of game theory, where gambling is predicated as a rational act. Fear of loss being the prime motive, the game becomes something much more than doing X to achieve benefit Y. Rather, one is overcoming fear to do X, perhaps as a coward is urged to perform brave acts. You do X to show you are an X-doer or X-producer. If you want to gamble safely, websites like https://www.bcasino.co.uk/ allow you to do this. Why use a site you’ve never heard of before that will probability just steal your money? Go with a trusted provider. Or even just stick with the games you know exactly how to play. Games like scratch games are much more popular and easy to use compared to things like poker.

Doing X — gambling in this instance — is a method of showing how one will take risks, however calculated they may be. But the calculation is fear of loss… not profit or loss, so maybe you want to keep this is mind the next time you head on over to your fantasy news and get tempted to place a bet. Of course, sports gambling is so popular these days. It’s difficult to stay away from putting a bet on, especially when it’s on your favourite sports team. Placing sports bets can be extremely tempting, which is why many people struggle to stay away from sites like Kickoffbet! Sports gambling doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous if users are responsible.

So how do you overcome this fear? Not by showing the results, but rather by removing the obstacles producing those fears.

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