Gratuitously Stolen from Vivian Paige

I give you this poll concerning who reads blogs.

Surprising findings:

* Most readers are 31-60.
* College educated or better.
* Make $60K to $90K a year.
* Overwhelmingly Democrat.
* Are just as likely to buy music and books as they are to donate online.
* Won’t read a newspaper, but will pick up a magazine.
* Do not own a blog themselves.
* Do not use RSS to read blogs (!)
* Read blogs for speed, depth, and unique content.
* Don’t listen to podcasts.

Now I’ve been crticized in the past for demanding ethics (the whole “transparency, authenticity, containment” mantra), but truth is readers are imposing that ethic on independent of whether or not blogs adhere to ethical norms.

Unique content wins, authentic bloggers win over pseudonyms, and your readers really are a discerning and educated audience.

The blogosphere really is a Neitzschean wonderland: Only strong personalities survive, the weak are completely extinguished by it.

(h/t to Vivian Paige)

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