Project Fakebar: Improvising a Google Toolbar Substitute for Chrome


I really like Google Chrome. In fact, I’m even willing to let it date my sister.

But unfortunately, I gotta admit that I really do miss the functionality of the Google Toolbar. Thankfully, I am not the only one who has missed our beloved Toolbar, and even better for the masses, someone is willing to do something about it!

Two days ago, I mentioned that the wildly popular, extremely useful Google Toolbar didn’t work in Google’s Chrome browser. I said I missed it. So do legions of other people, judging from the thousands of Toolbar fans who have read that post, and the 140 who have commented on it so far. Who knew that a humble toolbar could be so beloved?

I think it’s pretty much a given that Google will eventually either release a Toolbar for Chrome or essentially build in all of its functionality. But it’ll only happen on Google’s timetable, and I suspect it isn’t priority #1. And while Toolbar is cool, it’s not exactly advanced technology–what it does, mostly, is to provide fast access to various Google services.

Is it possible to put together a stopgap? After reading some of the comments to my original post, in which folks discussed putting bookmarks in Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar to mimic certain aspects of the Toolbar, I decided to try to fake the whole damn thing. Call it Project Fakebar, if you will.

Project Fakebar, you rock.

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