novatownhall gets banned by Vivian Paige.

The offense? Using the term “Democrat Party”…

I have never understood why this is such an issue amongst Democrats.

Possible conventions of grammar aside (a Democrat Party isn’t bad grammar, just mislabeling the party), it’s an easy mistake to make. Certainly no one makes the distinction between Republicans and the Republican Party, Libertarians and the Libertarian Party, Greens and the Green Party…

…Communists and the Communist Party, Socialists and the Socialist Party, Labor to the Labor Party, Conservatives to the Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats to the Liberal Democrat Party.

Ad infinitum.

Naturally, if someone can enlighten me, I’d be more than happy to hear them out. But in the era of “George Felix Allen” and “Barak Hussein Obama”, the namecalling explanation is wearing itself thin. Especially when there are better things to discuss.

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