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Where's James Webb?

A great point brought up by Jim Riley. Where the heck is James Webb? Two weeks of great press for him, and not a single apprearance (in Virginia anyhow), no events, nothing. Where’s James Webb?


UK Guardian: Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design

Well this is silly. Just about everyone knows that Catholics (and most Christians for that matter) believe in an intelligent designer. What bearing this has on evolution as the means for that design, I haven’t the foggiest idea. Still, I … Continue reading


QandO: Did he really say that?

Why is it that most Democrats assume Southerners to be racist? McQ over at QandO explains: And this is supposed to appeal to southern voters in what way, Mr. Biden? As usual, Democrats – or at least this one – … Continue reading


Webb 47.9 Allen 46.6

Time to talk, folks. Yet another Zogby/WSJ Poll, this one conducted over 15-21 August. Results? Webb wins. You lose. UPDATE: Keep in mind the Zogby poll was (a) done at the same time as the SurveyUSA poll which showed Allen … Continue reading


Webb Supporters At It Again…

You know, I want to know what would happen if Republican activists did half the things Webb supporters are doing in Staunton. Disgusting. Reminds me of the behavior you read about with brownshirts in the 1930’s…


Gotta Be Kidding Me…

Heh, I went to high school with this guy: Next month Adam Gentry, 28, could become one of the focal points of American pop culture as part of the cast of the controversial new “Survivor: Cook Islands” season on CBS. … Continue reading


Vivian Paige: The Pulpit Speaks

I love these little sermons. This time, Vivian Paige reprints a letter from her father concerning doing what is popular vs. doing what is right: I grant you that doing what is popular is most rewarding here and now but … Continue reading

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The Jaded JD: Correllation Implies Causality?

Jaded JD openly wonders as to why gas prices have lowered to neatly co-incide with rising popularity for the President and the Republicans in Congress: A conspiracy theorist might say, given the closeness between the Administration and some oil companies, … Continue reading

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New Layout

Not necessarily a new design, but we’ve moved well beyond 800 x 600 for screen size, yes? For those wondering (or for those who haven’t been there), the picture is from Monticello just before the leaves start of autumn. More … Continue reading


QandO: Howard Dean criticizes George Allen, himself

More from the “Ready, Fire, Aim!” department of the DNC, this time courtesy of Howard Dean: MATTHEWS: In other words, you‘re saying [George Allen] doesn‘t belong in public service, because of why? DEAN: Because he‘s always shooting from the hip. … Continue reading

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