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Vote Yes to Marriage

Jim Bowden gives no less than ten (10) reasons to vote for Virginia’s marriage amendment in November.

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A Nuclear North Korea?

In case you have not heard, North Korea has successfully detonated a nuclear device in an underground mine. I’d expect a lot of conversation as to whether or not the DPNK has the ability to deliver such a weapon, but … Continue reading


225th Anniversary of the Siege of Yorktown

It’s coming!!!

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The Webb Campaign Has (Socialist) Issues…

Via Conaway Haskins’ blog, we see that socialists know their own: Thanks for this update. I just read through Webb’s site. He’s exercising good foresight by pushing a pseudo-socialist agenda (please…I don’t get hung-up on definitions). Socialist-like ideas are now … Continue reading

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The Pulpit Speaks: July 26, 1958

The Rev. Paige speaks to us from 60 years past regarding child-like faith and the need for it today: I wonder if we do not need a child-like faith today. As I wonder about this world, one thing impresses me: … Continue reading

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DNC: Support Our Troops, Eh?

QandO take a look at what the DNC considers to be supporting our troops. Not a joke. Heh.


Is Al Franken Running for Congress?

I’m sure Judy Feder is a wonderful human being (and coincidentally, this is a good positive ad), but I just kept watching it thinking that at any moment, Ms. Feder was going to say, “Because I’m good enough, I’m smart … Continue reading


N. Korea To Test Nuke?

That’s the buzz, though I don’t see what it earns them. Question: What should the reaction of the world community be? Talk? Diplomacy? Ignore it? Action? Six-party talks? Unilateral talks?

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Proud to be a Virginian: The Carnival!

A day late; a dollar short. Nonetheless, the best of the Commonwealth has arrived in perfect form! A Second Hand Conjecture | Tyson’s Corner: MichaelW talks about travelling the world over and “God’s own little acre.” Monstrosity | Alexandria: Melissa … Continue reading


Allen : Jefferson :: Webb : Marx?

I’m sorry, but my jaw dropped when I read this. We all know Allen has a fondness for Thomas Jefferson as a political mentor. So whom does Jim Webb look to for guidance? Republicans might have joked about it before, … Continue reading