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WTOP on Gilmore: From Blowout to Squeaker?

Bob Lewis reports on what has gone from Gilmore’s crass denial, to open season on Bob Marshall, to… well, a tacit concern from former Governor Jim Gilmore that he might not have the horses to win this weekend: ‘We haven’t … Continue reading


OTB: Webb for VP Backlash

Seems as if some Democrats are questioning the ideological purity and questionable past of Democratic Senator Jim Webb, mostly by bringing up every single point the press refused to discuss brought up by Republicans in 2006.

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The Next Right

The Next Right went live about 24 hours ago. Sign up and sound off!

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Twitter / MarsPhoenix

FINALLY! A worthwhile use for Twitter! What is it? Twittering the Mars Phoenix project, where NASA is literally task-by-task updating their progress. Pictures, events, or teases on new discoveries. Now this I like.

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Merlin German Dead at 22

You’ve seen this guy before, a Marine blown out of his Humvee in 2005 and was never expected to live the three days it would take to get him home. He held on for three years. His story is nothing … Continue reading

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Northern Virginia Conservative

Meet and greet the newest Marshall for Senate endorsee over at The Northern Virginia Conservative, remarkable because this blog had formerly endorsed Jim Gilmore and thought better of it: A few months ago, I endorsed Jim Gilmore’s Senate candidacy on … Continue reading


MUTH’S TRUTHS: Subway Bans Home Schoolers From Contest

My business now goes to Wawa or Quiznos.


Radar Online: A Call to Arms Against Millennials

There are 80 million Gen Y to about 30 million Gen Xers, and it would appear that it is the overwhelming opinion of Gen X that their younger counterparts are… well… stupid, lazy, and weak. A generation just waiting to … Continue reading

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Double Knockout?

Is this like the unassisted triple play of boxing (or UFC, as it were)? The monster slam? The Hail Mary pass? I dunno… but it looks brutal.

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OTB: Libertarian Party Embraces Big Tent?

Bob Barr, Tucker Carlson, and Richard Viguerie headline the Libertarian Party Convention? Is the LP losing it’s libertarian moorings? Not so, says McQ over at QandO: No kidding. In fact it appears a conservative attempt at takeover of the good … Continue reading

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