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Jefferson's Revolving Bookstand

I want one of these. More than I desire one of these. So what’s the catch?  Well… they cost $600.  Furthermore, while there are all sorts of pictures online, there are no plans for these pictures… and a Google search tantalizes you … Continue reading

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AFP Wins — Transparency in the Virginia House

Americans for Prosperity in Virginia started this campaign a week ago to record subcommittee votes for the House of Delegates. Looks as if a combination of this effort and the new 15-bills only rule in the House has effected change, … Continue reading

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Lee True

Lee True, Chairman of the Fluvanna Taxpayers Association, passed away today: I have the terrible duty of telling you that our wonderful leader, Lee True, died today of a sudden and fatal heart attack. I want to assure you that … Continue reading

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Nude Virgin Mary Pic — What, No Riots?

If you subscribe to the idea that the lowest, most base offenses create the most buzz, then this latest stunt should probably have taken the cake. Of course, its OK to offend Catholics. The line about comparing it to offending … Continue reading

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Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has just unveiled his new website, and boy does it look good. Already there are a handful of stories up. For instance, did you know that McDonnell scored a touchdown against the Titans while … Continue reading


Gordon Brown Saves the World!

That’s hilarious. (h/t to Reason and Revelation )

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Liveblogging the AG Debate

Just before the Republican Attorney General debate here at the Homestead, and the Kenney Bros. are in the very back of the room, having cleared off a section of a table and access to a plug to create our own … Continue reading


Liveblogging the Advance

As I can, when I can, I’ll be offering comments during the three-day event. For a foretaste, Anita Kumar with the WaPo highlights the centerpiece of this weekends drama, with some none-too-interesting quotes from specific GOP leaders, most notably former … Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell Schools Brian Moran

This is worth watching, even if you’re not keen on watching these things. Bob McDonnell absolutely eviscerates Brian Moran on education and tax hikes: 2009 is going to be a fun, fun year with a gubernatorial candidate like McDonnell leading … Continue reading

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The Kenney Memo: A Modest Proposal for Virginia Republicans

From the introduction: american pie presents beta house download We know this, whether we are prepared to admit it publicly or not. The Republican Party of Virginia is broken, but not on ideas or principle. The Republican Party of Virginia logistically … Continue reading