Monthly Archives: July 2009

One Man’s Coup…

I’ve been watching the results from Honduras with interest, though I will say that I am neatly shocked at how quickly the so-called “Green Revolution” has dropped off the radar of the American chattering class. The ubiquitous green-tinted Twitter icons … Continue reading


Why Waldo donated $100 to the RPV

Today is Independence Day… independence for $100 of Waldo’s money that is! That’s right, baby!  Last November, Waldo Jaquith offered to wager $100 that then-RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick would not resign from the House of Delegates as promised.  After a … Continue reading


Patton and the 4th of July

With the recent passing of Karl Malden (who played General Bradley in the film Patton) I couldn’t resist giving you probably one of the more memorable moments in cinematic history:


Liberals, Progressives, and “Prepackaged Questions”

You’ve probably already seen video clips of yesterday’s kerfluffle between the White House Press Corps and Press Secretary Gibbs, but just in case… Now my question to our gentle readers here is this:  In this outburst in defense of the … Continue reading