Save The GOP: Newt’s 1978 Speech to CRs

One can practically hear this same speech given today:

Do you like the state of the Republican Party? Do you think you ought to respect Bill Brock because he has done such a great job? Or Richard Nixon, or Gerald Ford, the only incumbent president since Herbert Hoover to lose an election? They have done a terrible job, a pathetic job. In my lifetime, literally in my lifetime, I was born in 1943, we have not had a competent national Republican leader. Not ever! We’ve had some guys who weren’t too embarrassed. But what’s the primary purpose of a political leader, above anything else? In this system, it is to build a majority capable of sustaining itself, because if we don’t do that, we don’t make the laws, we don’t write the taxes, we don’t decide how to start a war, we don’t keep the country strong, we don’t do nothing except carve from these people’s ability. And in my lifetime, we have not had a single Republican leader capable of doing that. Oh, they’ve had opportunities: The Korean War, rapid inflation, the racial crisis of the 50’s and 60’s, the Vietnam war. We’ve had tremendous opportunities and we’ve blown it, but we’re all nice people.

Problem is, Newt Gingrich is one of those former leaders today, and after the 1994 Republican Revolution he helped lead, is our government small and less intrusive?

download secret life of bees the divx What do conservatives have to show for the last twelve years? Why this question isn’t reverberating to the very core of the GOP today boggles my mind.

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