The Ward View: Riley’s Right, We are already at War with Iran.

Ward Smythe

and Jim Riley discuss the issue of Iranian IEDs being used against American soldiers in Iraq, with the point being summarized nicely by Riley:

If this is true, then we are already at war with Iran and the battlefield is Iraq.

Liberals soft on terrorism are already heaping scorn upon Rep. Eric Cantor’s interview with Chris Matthews. Ward gives that idea the boot:

Of course, Cantor did nothing of the kind. But when has the truth ever been an issue for Virginia Democratick bloggers?

Of course, we could always ask the question of Democrats — given the evidence that Iranians are arming, training, and reinforcing the insurgency in Iraq, pray tell, what would be their response?

Indeed. Hope those aren’t documents in Sandy Berger’s pocket.

UPDATE: D.J. McGuire and James Young pile on and destroy what remains of the leftist argument.

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