President Bush needs your help. As a fellow Virginian and strong Republican, I am writing you personally to ask you to nominate Delegate Thelma Drake for the 2nd Congressional District House of Representatives.

In a time when all eyes are on the RNC Convention in New York, this a time when we as Republicans should be rallying behind a message of smaller government. Nominating a supporter of the largest tax increase in Virginia history would send precisely the wrong message to our Republican delegates in New York — not to mention breathing new life into liberal Democrat John Kerry’s campaign and fuel the radicals protesting (and yes, even physically attacking) our Republican delegates.

Please, let us send a clear message to President Bush that we support his agenda of smaller government, and an even clearer message to John Kerry and the liberal Democrats that Virginia offers no hope for tax-and-spend politicians.

Virginia is Bush Country! Let’s prove it tonight by nominating Delegate Thelma Drake for US House of Representatives!

Yours in Republican Victory,

Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney

Vice-Chairman/Fredericksburg Area, 1st District Republican Committee

Chairman, Spotsylvania Republican Committee

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