Local presidential debate turns ugly

More fallout from the Kenney-Connolly Debate

Not exactly Lincoln-Douglas in size and scope, but area Dems are still taking heat from their behavior at the Bush-Kerry debate two weeks ago. Katy Sears explains it all:

I was at a debate between a delegate to the Democratic National Convention (Thomas Connally) and the chairman of the Fredericksburg Republican Committee (Shaun Kenney). It was being held at the downtown library.

There were 12 people under the age of 18–all from Fredericksburg Christian High School, one from Mary Washington College, but an FCHS alumni.

As the debate began, it became apparent that only one man in the room was undecided as to which party he would give his vote. It also became apparent that us teenagers were possibly the only Republicans in the room; at least, the only outspoken ones.

The president of our school’s Teenage Republicans Club, Meredith Lee, brought signs to the debate, giving our support to Mr. Kenney and to our beloved president. The moderator gave a chuckle as he explained the rules, and we waved our signs. Mr. Kenney winked at us. It was all in good fun, right?


About half of the Democrats in the crowd became quite ugly during the debate, while the other half respectfully listened to the debate and preserved decorum. What’s more, Sara Wirtala’s scathing criticism of the rabblerousers has already gained the status of legend:

“Excuse me, sir, but I am 18 years old and even I have more respect than you do right now!”

Awesome. There’s about twelve sets of parents at Fredericksburg Christian Academy that should be very proud of their sons and daughters right now. I know I sure am.

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