Democratic “Kleenex Commandos” at it again

Whining about sign theft, then stealing GOP signs

You have to love it when the Democrats decry “sign theft” on behalf of Republicans, then proceed to legitimize their own activities in the FLS:

Then one recent morning, as I was driving home along State Route 3, I saw a slew of Bush-Cheney signs blanketing the right of way and median strip from the Interstate 95 exit to my turn on State Route 621. These signs are trashy, and it’s illegal to post them on highway rights of way.

Most people already know that the Republicans put up 1500 signs in the area over the weekend, only to have Democrats tear them down and replace them with Kerry/Edwards signs over the week.

Signs are legal on the state right of way if they are three feet from the road. Stealing signs, however, is a Class 1 misdemeanor and punishable with a $500 fine.

It is very clear to most that the Democrats have decided to engage in petty theft. That’s fine – everyone else saw the Bush signs this weekend disappear only to be replaced with Kerry signs. I’ve received more phone calls and e-mails than I can count from upset Republicans. One gentleman even had his mailbox covered with a Kerry sticker and his sign ripped up in his yard.

I am simply not going to lower myself to this behavior. Period. Steal signs guys – we all know who does it, and undecideds know as well.

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