Security services foil 9/11 attack in UK

al-Qaeda suspected; information revealed before UK Parliament vote

Hurrah for the security forces of the UK. But I wonder about the timing of revealing such information before a vote that will inevitably impune upon the civil rights of British citizens:

The plot is said to have involved pilots being trained to fly into target buildings including London’s famous financial centre and the world’s busiest airport.

It is one of four or five al-Qaeda planned attacks, since 9/11, that have come to nothing, after the authorities intervened, reports claim.

The disclosure comes as the Government prepares to unveil a series of tough law-and-order Bills in tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech, setting out the legislative programme for what is expected to be the final session of the current Parliament.

I’d raise an eyebrow. One of the other moves this crime package will introduce to British citizens is a national ID card.

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