Rain, rain, rain. . .

It’s damp, it’s wet outside, but Jonathan and I are happily inside getting ready for the day. At the moment, I am at the computer typing, while Jon is sitting inside his workbench. The workbench is the type that you can take the top off and there’s a little bay for all of the tools and knobs that come with the bench. Pretty cool, but Jon seems to be under the impression that it is a car (vroom!) and treats it as such.

Other improvements over the week has been the word ‘Hi’ as opposed to the past attempt of “Haaaaaa. . . “, and the confiscation of my phone in order to encourage him. How this encourages him to do anything else but (a) destroy my phone and (b) beat inanimate objects with a once-operational item is beyond me. But such is life. Dancing has also become a fun thing to do, equating any type of music with Jonathan pronouncing “Daaa!” and swaying and bobbing about. “Aaahhs” are also vital to such movement, seeing as he has two of them, they are useful for pointing at things and cramming said item into his mouth.

And now we are dancing inside the car. Excellent.

Off to swap diapers and get ready for the day. ‘Till then, check out the updated site! I’ll include much more later on, but for now check out what I have and let me know what you think!

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