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QandO: Blogs, campaigns and the 2006 election

Jon Henke, netroots co-ordinator for the George Allen campaign, has posted an excellent analysis of the importance of blogs to elections: Republicans — both institutionally and during campaigns — will either develop strategies and hire experts to engage the blogosphere … Continue reading



Woke up this morning to a flurry of cleaning activity. There was dust along the edges of the hallway… A bag was packed, other times have been meticulously cleaned, and she just ran off to the store to get more … Continue reading

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Barticles: Who's Mean Spirited?

A great article from Bart Hinkle over at the Richmond Times-Dispatch on how us free-market types actually give more to charity than socialist types, and the reasons why. Hinkle speculates: If Brooks’ book is accurate, then it underscores a crucial … Continue reading


Virginia Virtucon: Lame Duck Nancy

For those who scoffed at the idea that there would be an impending civil war between the liberal and progressive wings of the Democratic Party, the score is Liberals 1, Progressives 0 with the demise of Murtha for House Majority … Continue reading

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Waldo Jaquith: On the decline of Virginia political blogging.

Dead on: These days most Virginia political blogs make virtually no effort to persuade anybody to change their minds. A blogger will state his opinion, make no attempt to explain it, and insult those who disagree with them. Telling me … Continue reading


What Happens at State Central…. v2

I’ve written at length about this phenomenon before. I direct this at no one, but offer it to folks as a thought. Given all the back-and-forth about who the next RPV chairman is, I’ve seen plenty of people reveal information … Continue reading


House Dems Scramble, Fight for Leadership Positions

The war between the liberal and progressive wings of the Democratic Party continues. I’ll be the most interested to see how this rift becomes manifest when Hillary and Obama collide in ’08.


Kate Resigns

As any unit chairman will tell you, being chair is a gratifying yet thankless job. It doesn’t pay, it is time consuming, and when something goes wrong you get blamed. To counter that, you get to help good Republicans get … Continue reading


VCAP Conservative Conference

I had a very good time. Moderately attended? Yes. But there were several hundred disciples that will encourage friends to return in 2007. Definitely worth it. I am just now getting a chance to settle down. The internet connection out … Continue reading


Senator Coburn on Last Tuesday

Fine words: The overriding theme of this election, however, is that voters are more interested in changing the culture in Washington than changing course in Washington, D.C. This election was not a rejection of conservative principles per se, but a … Continue reading