VCAP Conservative Conference

I had a very good time. Moderately attended? Yes. But there were several hundred disciples that will encourage friends to return in 2007. Definitely worth it.

I am just now getting a chance to settle down. The internet connection out here in Fluvanna is terrible on one of these Sprint cards being advertised on TV. For $50, you too can get a blazing fast 153Kb of speed…. and unreliably at best. So it looks like I will be purchasing satellite internet from Hughes or some other firm. I’ll have to read more about these plans so I can get the best one, I do not want to have to keep changing my internet connection to get something decent.

At the moment, I have been spending quite a bit of time outside the home. Fixing up the general store, pruning back my grape vine (which looked even worse since we bought the place six months ago), testing out the chainsaw on a dead birch tree outside, building a burn pile out back, and clearing out my office to paint the ceiling and plaster the 1970’s era yellow wood paneling.

The conversation of the VCAP conference was indeed the state of affairs at RPV. No mentions for the chairman, no mentions for the executive director. No mentions even for staff changes, but plenty of recommendations for institutional changes.

Given the moment, I have no thoughts other than to say Kate Griffin inherited the mess that was the Republican Party of Virginia. Lots of criticism her way, but I believe much of it is undeserved. I wish her all the best.

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