Who’s the brains of this outfit anyhow?

In one more piece that continues to show how right I was about Blair being the real mastermind behind the coalition of the willing, the New York Times has this article on the demeanor of yesterday’s press conference at Camp David:

Side by side, American presidents and British prime ministers can seem divided by a common language. But perhaps because of the import of the moment, the two leaders’ televised news conference presented more than just a contrast in styles. Mr. Blair, usually cast as the stalwart junior partner, took over like Cyrano de Bergerac, embellishing Mr. Bush’s brusque utterances to woo a skeptical world.

The fluency gap was wide enough to prompt commentators on Fox News to point out Mr. Blair’s unfair advantage, namely that British prime ministers hone their debate skills in frequent – and often hostile – question periods in Parliament. “President Bush doesn’t have to put his views up to that kind of public criticism day after day after day,” David Asman explained.

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