Loooooong day folks

Sorry there isn’t much to post today. My trip down to Richmond to attend the State Central Committee was interesting to say the least. We approved the goals of the new State Strategic Plan without any details as to how they should be acheived, but this is more of a good thing rather than a bad one. The details get to be hammered out at a later meeting, and the lethargy that I was presented with at State Central was simply uninspiring. With any luck the implementation of the goals will be a more Unit Committee oriented adventure rather than a topheavy, fundraising mechanism to be imposed upon local units.

Of course afterwards, there was a bad wreck going northbound on I-95, followed by freak rainstorms near Bowling Green. Seems as if the forecast for tommorow calls for 1 – 3 inches of snow with an additional inch by Monday. If I were a milleniarianist, I would wager that the end of the world is nigh. . . either way, we need to get back to regular seasons and away from freak snowstorms.

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