Sorry I haven’t posted in quite awhile. The website is undergoing an intense overhaul thanks to Netscape 6.2’s inability to render DHTML properly. Things will change, albeit not radically.

NATURAL LAW BACKS THE PLEDGE: My op-ed defending “one nation, under God”. We’ll see how many people misconstrue this to be a Talibanizing of the Constitution.

F-16 PURSUES UNKNOWN CRAFT OVER WASHINGTON: Now this is interesting. . .

SAY IT AIN’T SO, QUEST: Just when the markets start to rally, Quest misplaces US$1.6 billion in accounting errors. How many more are there? My bet is that Wall Street is going to watch last week’s leads evaporate.

BAGHDAD FIRST?: DOD is exploring the option of taking out Baghdad and a few other key cities in order to neutralize Iraq’s ability to launch weapons of mass destruction.

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