U.S. Strategy Shifts in Iraq Weapons Hunt

Before the war, the United States drew up a list of more than 900 “suspect sites” where weapons of mass destruction or evidence of such programs might be found. Military teams have visited more than 200 of those sites without finding any actual weapons.

In response to questions about the credibility of U.S. intelligence, CIA Director George Tenet released a rare statement Friday defending his agency.

“Our role is to call it like we see it – to tell policy-makers what we know, what we don’t know, what we think, and what we base it on,” Tenet said. “The integrity of our process was maintained throughout and any suggestion to the contrary is simply wrong.”

So we are moving away from the preliminary information and towards a more in depth search for WMD in Iraq.

Of course, peacemongers have been quick to decry the lack of chemical and biological weapons while disregarding the mobile lab discoveries.

But this one is a matter of time, and in the words of Mick Jagger, ti-i-i-ime is on our side (yes it is).

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