Save Our Shelter has decided to go all out in its efforts to pressure the Fredericksburg City Council into approving a site within the city limits. Best o’ luck, lads.

And just what is the etymology of the name “Shaun”? Well it’s quite simple really. . .

Literal meaning

“Maker of small, irritating things out of hardening Blu-Tak.”


Mistranslated from the Dutch word for “neologisms” in 1222 AD, the name Shaun was originally used exclusively to refer to those bred solely for organ harvesting, before a wager between De Mancy Oblast and the Earl of Warwick altered its destiny.

Famous Shauns

1. Shaun Cangoose-Tube (“The Reasonably Broadly Educated”), once saved by the legendary Source of the Thames; ghost-writer of Thora Hird’s revolutionary, hologram autobiography, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM, HAVE YOU?;

2. Shaun Lonfial, MSc, RN, co-habitee of eight people associated with the paper aeroplane;

3. Chief Scientist Shaun Sponetote, populariser of the world’s most attractive bucket;

4. Inspector Shaun D Mapduster-Nootlooter, exposed in the press as having swapped a child for the self-aware cartoon strip;

5. “Terrible” Shaun Oily, champion of quicklime dental cleanser; ghost-writer of Hugh Scully’s agonisingly graphic autobiography, I LOVE MY FROG!;

6. Doctor Shaun Tightbadger, BA (“The Uncanny”), director of the new Bond movie, KILL ME FOR DINNER; ghost-writer of Ming the Merciless’s leatherwear catalogue and autobiography, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM;

7. Brigadier-General Shaun Trabmaw-Frote, BSc, first victim of unspeakable guilt;

8. Lady The Miss Shaun I Frewsy-Macaulay, DSO and Bar, champion of the right to use the quick-burning funeral boat;

9. Judge Shaun Sprewt, of the generation which fondly remembers demanding money with menaces; first holder of the office of Police-constable;

10. I Am Shaun Smmith-Ach, who owes everything to the hovering cinema.

Typical Shaun motto

“The more I drink, the more interesting I find I become.”

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