. . . And the Beat Goes On

Now this is what I like to see! California Senator Dianne Feinstein is slamming Schwarzenegger on his glamorization of guns:

Feinstein came to the aid of her fellow Democrat, embattled Gov. Gray Davis, with a blistering thumbs-down review of Schwarzenegger’s popular movies — which frequently show off high-powered weapons.

“Violence begets violence. And you become a role model for someone of lesser maturity out in the street to try to imitate what you do in the movies,” Feinstein said.

“I don’t consider these kinds of things terribly healthy for a society.”

A federal ban on assault weapons, championed by Feinstein in 1994, is coming up for renewal and the senator challenged Schwarzenegger to join her side.

Yeah, that’s what Ahnold is going to do. . . he’s going to give the State of the State Address, whip out his semi-automatic rifle (hopefully one that she banned) and start gunning down both houses of the state legislature. Get real! Does Feinstein even live remotely close to reality?!

I know one thing that Feinstein and Ahnold think is healthy for a society, and that is TAXES!!! I dunno, maybe Feinstein can cozy up to Ahnold on raising taxes, which Schwarzenegger seems to have courted the idea then promptly dropped it.

So much for conservative values!

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