Council Offers $2.3mil for Land; Silvers Say Not Enough

You knew this was going to happen. City Council has decided to make an offer to buy the land where the silt behind the Embrey Dam is being deposited for $2.3mil dollars. The Silver Companies have said no, and are still asking for the price set by the original agreement (about $2.9mil).

What is amazing here are the very strong statements being made by City Attorney Jim Pates. Check this out:

“We’ve said up front that we’re willing to pay for the land,” Pates said. “But we won’t be intimidated by threatening letters and the fear of a lawsuit.”

Now that is surprising me, considering that many within the R.A.G. camp considered Jim Pates to be lock-step with the Silver Companies.

IN OTHER CITY COUNCIL NEWS, Councilman Hasmel Turner has been harassed by none other than the ACLU for his mentioning of Jesus Christ in his prayers before the start of council meetings. In response, Turner has decided to honor that request and will stop offering prayer before Council meetings. What a shame that a man of faith be pressured and denied the opportunity to share that faith. . . just one more instance of the ACLU reaching too far.

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